Last updated: August 12th, 2023

The Logger class provides all of the basic PSR-3 functionality guaranteed by the Psr\Log\AbstractLogger abstract class. Additionally it provides a mechanism to attach one or more appenders that implement the Stoic\Log\AppenderBase abstract class and are used during log output.

PSR-3 Methods

This class, by implementing the Psr\Log\AbstractLogger abstract class, guarantees the following methods:

public void emergency(string $message, array $context = array()) System is unusable public void alert(string $message, array $context = array()) Action must be taken immediately public void critical(string $message, array $context = array()) Critical conditions public void error(string $message, array $context = array()) Runtime errors that do not require immediate action but should typically be logged and monitored public void warning(string $message, array $context = array()) Exceptional occurrences that are not errors public void notice(string $message, array $context = array()) Normal but significant events public void info(string $message, array $context = array()) Interesting events public void debug(string $message, array $context = array()) Detailed debug information


private Stoic\Chain\ChainHelper $appenders Internal instance of a ChainHelper to manage appenders for the object private Message[] $messages Collection of log messages for the object protected static string[] $levels Numerically indexed collection of log levels for 'minimum level' comparisons


public Logger __construct(null|string $minimumLevel = null, null|AppenderBase[] $appenders = null) Constructor with optional arguments to set minimum log level and provide collection of AppenderBase appenders to add immediately public void addAppender(AppenderBase $appender) Attempts to add (link) an appender to the internal ChainHelper for output appenders protected string interpolate(string $message, array $context) Interpolates context values into a log message public void log(string $level, string $message, array $context = array()) Stores an arbitrary message & log level into the internal collection of Message objects protected boolean meetsMinimumLevel(string $level) Determines whether or not the given level is at least as 'high' as the object's minimum level public void output() Triggers a dump of all stored log messages to any configured appenders; Clears internal collection after processing


For examples, please see the 'Logger' section of the Examples page.

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