Last updated: August 12th, 2023

Appenders in the logging system are nothing more than NodeBase classes that process MessageDispatch objects.


In order to make the output of log messages a bit more adaptable to different scenarios, we have added the concept of 'appenders' to our logging system. Through these appenders and a Logger instance, developers can customize which messages might be output and in what format, simply by changing what appenders are loaded.


The AppenderBase abstract class simply extends the NodeBase abstract class to differentiate logging appenders from other processing nodes. Every appender implementation should still validate that the DispatchBase object received for processing is in fact a MessageDispatch object.


For full details, please see the Messages page.


The only appender included with the base logging system is the NullAppender, which serves as a null-sink for any messages it receives.


For examples, please see the 'Appenders' section of the Examples page.

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